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Visit these pages for additional information on riding at Chrislar:

Practice Time

If you are an intermediate or advanced level student riding regularly in group lessons, you have an opportunity to schedule "practice" riding times. Schedule this time to come to the Farm and "practice" what you have learned in your lessons. Practice sessions are scheduled for one hour time frames. You must be capable to tack-up, check equipment for proper fit and safety, and have the ability to ride without immediate supervision. You must remain on the Farm premises during this riding time. The premises include the track, outdoor ring and indoor ring. (Sorry, no jumping.)

Chrislar student at Halloween party with horse dressed as a superhero

On & Off Farm Horse Show & Recreational Activities

If you are an Intermediate or advanced level student, who has been riding regularly in group lessons, you have an opportunity, and are encouraged, to participate in Horse Shows/Recreational Activities riding our lesson horses. These activities provide an opportunity for you to ride on the beach or in the state forest or to compete with others of the same skill level without having to own or lease a horse, or the equipment needed for competition. Chrislar periodically offers recreational riding in the state forest or on the beach, and offers clinics at the Farm where you are video taped (with sound) while riding, so that you can review the tape at home to see what you have learned, chart your progress, or see what you need to work on. Check for announcements and JOIN THE FUN!! (Details and Cost of participation will be posted per event.)

Winter Tournaments

Young Chrislar students enjoying friendship at the UPHA Winter Tournament

If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level student, riding regularly in our Lesson Program, you have an opportunity to participate in winter competitions! The United Professional Horsemen’s Association (UPHA) provides trophies, ribbons, judges, and the horse show environment. Chrislar Farm, together with other training facilities within UPHA Chapter 14 (New England), provides horses, competitors, facilities, food and FUN!! An inexpensive and exciting way to find out about competing, meet others interested in riding and showing, and learning more about horse show specifics and strategies. Since there is a different judge for each Tournament, see how each individual judge rates you!!! Details and cost of participation will be posted. (Check with your instructor to see if you qualify.)

Leasing a horse

If you are an intermediate or advanced level student, who rides regularly in group lessons you have the opportunity to "lease" or "half-lease" Farm owned horses. This gives you an opportunity to experience what it is like to work with and care for a horse of your own.

A schedule will be arranged to accommodate your needs. If you are a qualified rider, under the lease plan you will be permitted practice times (as described above) at no additional cost, and if you qualify, you will be permitted to trail ride in the abutting state forest, ride on the beach, and participate in other various off-farm events. If you are engaged in a full lease and you qualify, an opportunity may exist for you to participate in some off-farm, intermediate level horse shows. Trailered beach rides, and trail rides at other locations are scheduled periodically based on weather conditions and number of interested and qualified participants. Ask your instructor to see if you qualify.

To learn more about our horse lease program, visit the horse leasing page. See the horse lease rules & rates section for horse lease rates.

Chrislar rider cantering along at Hampton beach ride
Beach Ride at Hampton Beach
Chrislar group at RRDC Spring horse show 2019
Beach Ride at Hampton Beach
Chrislar riders in costume for halloween party
Beach Ride at Hampton Beach
Chrislar rider at Nevins Farm fundraiser beach ride
Nevins Farm Fundraiser Beach Ride
Chris gives a riding clinic at Equine Affaire at Big E
Presenting Clinics at Equine Affaire, Big E
Chris as a clinician at Equine Affaire, Ohio
Equine Affaire Clinician, Ohio
Chris and Larry Cassenti at symphony of horses event
Chris & Larry Chairpersons for SYMPHONY OF HORSES EVENT
Chrislar group on a trail ride
Trail rides
Chris as a clinician at Equine Affaire, Ohio
Equine Affaire Clinician, Ohio
Chris at the Essex Aggie Job Fair
Chris at Essex Aggie Job Fair

Chrislar horses were models at a Ralph Lauren Photo Shoot

It's not just showing. We also find time for recreational fun!!!
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