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Horse Training

Chris Cassenti at a horse show with a trained western horse

Chrislar Farm’s horse training program brings highly qualified and proven professionals together with horses at varying stages of training requirements. Our trainers provide each horse and rider combination with the information, education, training and experience needed to reach their fullest potential - for pleasure or competition.

Whether your need is starting a young horse that requires initial harness or saddle training; or specialized training for an advanced level show horse; resolving horse problems that must be overcome, or specific training to enable you to become fully compatible with your horse, you can be assured that our trainers will customize a program to achieve the correct training and results specific for you and your horse. We get results!!!

All horses in our Training Program receive "customized" professional training tailored to their particular needs as well as routine care, daily exercise schedule, turnout, clipping and grooming. footage and photos are taken periodically to allow owners who do not live nearby to chart the progress being made with their horses training.

Horse Shows

Chris on the farm training a young horse to driveAt-home video

For horse owners who prefer their horses compete at shows, but do not ride/drive themselves, Chrislar Farm will provide the best horse/rider combination to promote that horse at its very best. The Chrislar TEAM can provide qualified riders to compete with your horse, under our direction, in many Divisions and age groups (ie: Amateur, Youth, Jr. Exhibitor and Equitation).

Many of our horse show clients enjoy participating in the care and preparation of their horses and horses for other Chrislar riders at the shows… “Team Chrislar”. This not only keeps horse show costs for you down, but also provides a learning experience with rewarding results.

Annually, we provide a Horse Show Services Price List to Chrislar Clients for each horse show that covers:

  • One 1-hour group lesson per week at no additional charge for those having horses in training at Chrislar committed to the Chrislar Morgan Show Program
  • Organize & Prepare Entry Blanks
  • Chrislar Personal Trailering to Shows/Events including loading and unloading horses and supplies
  • Providing stall area drapes, decorations, plants, electrical/lighting, tack and changing stall carpet and equipment, get-ready stall equipment, horse feeding, mucking and caring supplies, tables and chairs
  • Set-up and tear-down
  • Managing schedules and coaching practice rides and rides during classes at each Show
at RRDC horse show in huntseat class line up
NSHA Horse Show Res Champions
NSHA  Horse Show - Sep - won Championship
NSHA Horse Show - July - won Championship
NSHA Jul Championship winner
Family group photo after daughter wins her class
young Chrislar student in Walk Trot class
at RRDC horse show in saddleseat class line up

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