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Scheduling Riding Lessons

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Riding lessons are taught by experienced instructors. We teach many riding disciplines — huntseat, western, equitation, saddleseat and pleasure riding.

Lessons and activities are available all year long and are scheduled in advance for specific dates and times on a pre-paid, first-come, first-serve basis. Telephone the Barn Office or stop in to schedule your lesson/activity. Do not schedule or cancel via email. We encourage you to make your appointments in person with your instructor, prior to, or after you have taken your lesson, or leave a note or a payment in the Farm Office Mailbox.

Students typically schedule for the same day and time each week. However, since all space is available to all students, please do not assume that the same day and time will be available each week for you unless you reserved that specific time and date for yourself.

Because specific times are reserved for each student, lessons must begin and end promptly at those specified times (even if a student arrives late, for whatever reason). Please schedule only those lessons/activities you are confident you can make and that you have a balance in your account to cover.

Half-hour, private lessons are reserved for new, beginner riders only during high demand times. Lessons/activities not attracting sufficient participation will be canceled or rescheduled.

We encourage you to arrive early to schedule future lessons, make deposits, tack-up and enjoy the "experience".

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